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Angry Birds Dream Blast features youthful and charming "angry" birds in a fun bubble journey. You must make adorable bubble bursts and tremendous explosions of your beloved "Angry" birds.
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December 3, 2021
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Angry Birds Dream Blast features youthful and charming “angry” birds in a fun bubble journey. You must make adorable bubble bursts and tremendous explosions of your beloved “Angry” birds. Prepare to join the flock of young “Angry” birds as they take on challenges, gain fantastic prizes, and finish a plethora of fantastic levels.


Angry Birds Dream Blast is a game developed by Rovio Entertainment. Dream Blast is a new game in the popular Angry Birds franchise that offers a unique experience. It’s simple; all you have to do is touch the proper groupings of bubbles to blow everything up. Dream bubbles will fall freely, forming new explosions as a result of gravity. Each level will have its own own movement, uniqueness, and enjoyment. You may have as much fun as you want, and you can expect to try new things at new levels and participate in new activities.

The game has intuitive, fascinating puzzles as well as dynamic, fully engrossing action. In Dream World, you’ll come across sleeping birds. As a result, you go on a fantastic journey. Blast the Dream Bubbles to free the Pigs and advance through the challenging levels. You and your pals may work together to complete interesting weekly tasks. The bubble blast adventure offers fantastic locales, several amusing puzzles, and exciting situations.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Download
Angry Birds Dream Blast Download

Angry Birds Dream Blast is chock-full of intriguing aspects from the “Angry” series, such as adorable characters and exciting graphics set in a bizarre dream environment. The game is easy to play, and all you need is the bubble burst problem. Everything is so pleasant and simple to play at any time and in any location. You must think, pick, and crush appropriate bubbles in order to activate the specific abilities of your favorite “Angry” birds. From there, you may either tackle incredible puzzles in offline mode or join online missions with pals.

There are over 5000 stages in the game, each with a unique problem. By flipping the matching Dream Bubble, you may test your ability to achieve the scoring boundaries. To produce the Red, you must generate matching outcomes from four or more jellies. You can obtain Chuck by combining two Reds, or a Bomb by combining two Chucks. The game becomes more enjoyable as you make more explosions.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod
Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod

The connection mechanism is used in Angry Birds Dream Blast, which is a puzzle game. The colorful bubbles are used to blast evil and reach certain targets. The concept is straightforward: The “Angry” bird will emerge if you connect four or more bubbles of the same hue to assist you bust additional colored bubbles. Each level is loaded with a variety of colored bubbles that will all bounce about according to the principles of physics. To advance to the next level of difficulty, you must achieve various goals at each level.

You’ll have to shatter ice blocks or capture eggs in certain stages. There are a number of side tasks in the game, and there are roughly a hundred distinct levels in all. The game falls under the genre of entertaining puzzles, although the gameplay isn’t very innovative. To make an explosion, all you have to do now is link the proper things together. A red bomb will detonate and destroy a bubble.

The bubble will be destroyed in four directions if you make a Chuck bomb. When you make a “Bomb” bomb, a large number of bubbles are exploded. Of course, you’ll have to achieve a lot of tasks in a restricted amount of time. Obstacles such as wood, glass, and stone must also be overcome. So you’ll need to use explosives to clear the way for you to finish the level.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Free Download
Angry Birds Dream Blast Free Download

Angry Birds Dream Blast is a joyous game that is typical of the Rovio company. You cannot, however, explode it in order to win. You take the proper actions. As a result, careful computation, a little pause in the game’s action, and a detailed examination of the whole scene are required to determine the biggest ball or longest ball sequence. Of course, the game has more special techniques, and you must preserve skills and only use them when necessary. The game follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Angry Birds Blast 2016. Although the game is much superior than its predecessor, there are still several glitches.

The game stresses goal orientation in a methodical manner. You choose the appropriate explosives to form a color connection and go to the next difficult section. You’ll see various furious birds emerge if you associate a particular quantity of colors. All of these “angry” birds featured in Rovio’s original Angry Birds and may merge with other “angry” birds to create whole new birds. You must generate strategic explosives if you want rapid game puzzles.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Free
Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Free

Angry Birds Dream Blast adds complexity by limiting the amount of moves available in each stage. The game has a set number of turns every match, which varies depending on the level’s complexity. Players believe that the early stages would be straightforward, but this is all a ruse to get them to play. Once you’ve been hooked to the game, you’ll be challenged with trials that are 10 times harder.

If you have no success with color placement or make the incorrect moves, you will surely fail. You’ll constantly feel new and delighted since the challenges and objectives are so different. The levels are well-designed and diverse in general. You’ll also confront a slew of formidable obstacles. In brief, the game has excellent puzzles and is an excellent complement to the famous “Angry Bird” mobile phone series.CONTROL

The controls of Angry Birds Dream Blast are easy. All you have to do is keep an eye out and use your hand to click on the proper bomb, then sit back and watch the explosion. All of this is shown in a realistic two-dimensional scenario. To solve challenging riddles, you blow bubbles. In general, the game is really simple to play; all you have to do is burst groups of bubbles of the same hue, and combine numerous bubbles to unleash unique abilities.


Angry Birds Dream Blast has bold colors and lively 2D visuals that are suited for all ages. The game’s magnificence makes you feel as if you’re a part of a beautiful dream world. Aside from that, there’s some fantastic music. You like to listen to a lot of interesting music. Bomb blasts and bird singing, for example, are all painstakingly portrayed. The game boasts stunning visuals and a large number of levels that will keep you occupied for hours.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Apk Mod
Angry Birds Dream Blast Apk Mod

You may test out the gravity gravitational space by playing “Angry Birds Space.” Solve slow-motion puzzles or race against the clock to complete damaging levels. The sky is no longer the limit when you’ve explored a whole galaxy.

To engage in thrilling bird flapping and flapping, you need also play the original edition “Angry Birds 2.” Birds are thrown into the pig’s tower using a slingshot. All of the renowned characters are in the game, as well as typical entertaining gameplay. You may also compete with friends, take part in a variety of new levels, and compete on the worldwide leaderboards.


Rovio Entertainment’s amazing puzzle game Angry Birds Dream Blast is also an innovative addition to the “Angry Birds” series. You go on a journey into the realm of birds’ dreams. It’s up to you to make bubble explosions, combine strong bubbles, and solve a variety of incredible tasks. In a wacky fantasy world, the game is full with adorable birds and entertaining images. You may work together with pals to achieve quests, or just relax and enjoy bubble bursts whenever and wherever you like.

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