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ASMR Slicing Mod is a simulation game that includes in-game shopping. In this mod game, you may purchase any knife in the store for free. This mod will make the game much easier for you. Have fun with the game!
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Crazy Labs by TabTale
Dec 1, 2021
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ASMR Slicing Mod is a simulation game that includes in-game shopping. In this mod game, you may purchase any knife in the store for free. This mod will make the game much easier for you. Have fun with the game!

The majority of us had a terrific time as children playing with sand and creating all sorts of things out of it. However, we quickly understand that our sand constructions would shatter when struck by waves or crashes. This is particularly upsetting for me as a child, as I watch my building slowly deteriorate into heaps of sand once again.

However, speaking of which, with kinetic sand, you may have hours of fun creating things without fear of them collapsing. Rather than that, playing with kinetic sands is highly calming and addicting, since they enable you to freely express your ideas. Additionally, owing to its natural ability to preserve its form and its very unusual feel, it’s excellent for just holding and squeezing your sands or things.

Thus, TabTale’s Crazy Labs has transformed your numerous encounters with kinetic sands into a very addicting and calming mobile title. Android players may enjoy the cutting and slicing action in ASMR Slicing, as they attempt to produce the ideal cuts for all kinetic sand items. Take pleasure in witnessing them being hacked apart by the sharp knife, buttery mechanics, and excellent sound reactions. All of which should help you to immerse yourself completely in the fantastic mobile title.

Our in-depth evaluations will teach you all you need to know about this intriguing ASMR Slicing game.

 ASMR Slicing Mod


Crazy Labs by TabTale has effectively raised the critical attribute of kinetic sands and transformed the complete idea into a simple yet incredibly pleasant mobile game with ASMR Slicing. Have fun finding a range of fascinating 3D things that you may make in real life with kinetic sands. Simply use the sharp knife to effortlessly slice through the various items like butter while immersing yourself in the ultimate ASMR experience complete with soothing music and calming animations.

With hundreds of easy and fascinating simulation levels, ASMR Slicing enables Android players to instantly unwind with the intense feelings it gives. Play the game anytime you’re anxious or bored, and the game’s wonderful ASMR aspects will ensure that you’re entirely cured. The stunning creations created from kinetic sands, the lifelike motions and physics while cutting through them, and the strangely pleasant sensations will ensure that you love this incredible game more than any other.

It uses the same mechanics as Perfect Slices, in that you must perfectly cut particular things. And the more you go, the more quickly the thing will approach you. However, the unique physics of kinetic sands and the unique cutting techniques make ASMR Slicing an even more compelling gaming experience.

 ASMR Slicing Free Download


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features:

For all players, a simple and clear gameplay is required.

To begin, Android players in ASMR Slicing now have the opportunity to experience this very easy and entertaining gameplay, because to the responsive touch controls. Here, all you have to do is touch the screen to activate your cutting instruments and slice through the various items at the appropriate spots. Cut with precision and enjoy the calming feelings. Additionally, the game’s accessible and visually appealing gameplay will ensure that it is suited for gamers of all ages.

Kinetic sand physics and reactions that are realistic

And for those interested, you can now properly enjoy the game thanks to genuine kinetic sand interactions and ASMR Slicing replies. Here, your things will naturally slice and fall, exactly as they would if you sliced a genuine piece of kinetic sand. As a result, you will feel the entire range of ASMR effects and will be able to fully immerse yourself in the experiences. Take advantage of the genuine components throughout the game and you’ll always feel entirely at ease.

A selection of lovely artifacts to sever

Additionally, Android players may experience a range of attractive items that they can freely interact with and slice through in ASMR Slicing. Simultaneously, the game highlights the limitless possibilities that your small bits of kinetic sands provide, since they enable you to freely cut and slice them in a variety of ways.

 ASMR Slicing Download

Haptic feedbacks that are realistic and ASMR sounds that are calming

Simultaneously, you may enjoy the realistic haptic feedback and calming ASMR noises generated by ASMR Slicing, which enables gamers to completely immerse themselves in the experiences. Feel free to experiment with the smooth haptic feedbacks generated when you slice through the various items. Take in the delightful and tingling noises that you will not find anywhere else.

There are an infinite number of levels to enjoy.

Android players in ASMR Slicing will have the opportunity to discover hundreds of various levels that include the basic but incredibly engaging slicing action gameplay. Allow yourself to have unlimited fun with the in-game experiences, as they provide you with infinite and undemanding levels to play for as long as you desire.

Take pleasure in designing your cutting tools.

And for those interested, you may now enjoy working with the game’s handy cutting tools and gadgets, each of which has its own distinct interaction and is equally exciting to play with. Allow yourself to enjoy chopping into your kinetic sand things with your new blades, katana, or even chainsaw.

At any moment, you may play the offline game.

To ensure that you can continue to enjoy the fascinating gameplay of ASMR Slicing on the fly, Crazy Labs by TabTale has made their game available offline for all Android users. As a consequence, there is no need to activate your mobile data or search for available Wi-Fi in order to play the game. Simply pick up your phones or tablets and begin playing ASMR Slicing’s limitless and addicting simulation gameplay.

It is completely free to play

Simultaneously, to make the game more accessible, they have a free version of ASMR Slicing available on the Google Play Store, which you can simply download without paying any initial costs. You are welcome to play the game for free and take use of many of its features. However, since it is still a freemium software, if you want to access the complete game, you will need to make specific in-app payments.

Have access to our hacked application

To assist you in eliminating bothersome commercials and in-game purchases without breaking the bank, we have now made our free and unlocked version of ASMR Slicing available on our website, which you can simply download and install. Simply download the ASMR Slicing Mod APK and follow the on-screen instructions to begin playing. Here, you may enjoy uninterrupted ad-free experiences, and the unlocked game will include a limitless amount of money for you to freely personalize your games.

ASMR Slicing apk mod

Excellent visual and aural qualities


Android players may fully appreciate the strong and gorgeous in-game graphics in ASMR Slicing, as they will be thoroughly absorbed in the gratifying ASMR action. Cut through realistic 3D objects and experience the game’s authentic physics and animations. Additionally, the updated graphics ensure that you can enjoy ASMR Slicing’s seamless and pleasant gameplay across all of your devices.

Audio & Music

Along with stunning images, ASMR Slicing provides realistic, responsive, and calming sounds that Android players may enjoy while executing their flawless slice and dice operations. Additionally, the calming music will assist you in reducing your tension and anxiety.

Finally, some reflections

Prepare to immerse yourself in ASMR Slicing’s simple but immensely addicting and fulfilling gameplay, which allows players to freely explore their in-game experiences. Enjoy the unique and engaging gameplay of casual simulation anytime you choose. It’s stress-free, undemanding, and strangely delightful. And now, due to our website’s free and unlocked version of the game, you may have unlimited fun with ASMR Slicing.

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