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Cooking Craze will provide everyone with the most interesting and exciting challenges possible while pursuing a career as a professional chef in a variety of schools.
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December 4, 2021
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Cooking Craze will provide everyone with the most interesting and exciting challenges possible while pursuing a career as a professional chef in a variety of schools. Its culinary material will span the globe from west to east, enabling players to discover and prepare new world-famous meals. The beautiful thing about it is that its aesthetics are pleasant, yet they nonetheless make every dish delectable and engage all of the players’ senses simply by looking at it.


The cooking speed in Cooking Craze will rise with time, and players will begin with roadside fast food, such as hot dogs and hamburgers. Each, however, has its own essence, which players may progressively enhance in taste in order to attract more clients. The gameplay also tests the player’s competence and focus, as they are constantly thrown a large number of clients in a short period of time.

Cooking Craze Free Download

The player must prioritize the orders and execute them as swiftly as feasible according on each guest’s waiting time. Furthermore, the game’s control system will be seamless and dynamic, with players tapping or dragging items about the kitchen to improve their preparation. If the player is careless when preparing the dishes, certain ingredient units will even burn or be damaged.


Aside from the peaceful yet intense gameplay, the game will have an upgrading system that will allow players to cut down on cooking time and prepare additional troops. Each restaurant will have its own upgrading system, and each will have its own set of features for players to invest in or spend money on. Players, on the other hand, may boost the restaurant’s income depending on the price of each item, which opens up a slew of new opportunities for the company.

Cooking Craze Mod Apk
Cooking Craze Mod Apk

Players may remodel any restaurant, not only the kitchen upgrading systems, to increase performance and customer comfort. They also offer a variety of unique applications that players may take use of while altering the aesthetic and providing the finest possible facilities to the eatery. Because each restaurant has its own design, the renovation will be reset automatically if the player opens more restaurants in the future.


Cooking Craze claims to provide the ideal environment for gamers to enjoy cooking and learn about different cuisines from across the globe. Furthermore, the menu will vary often depending on the kind of restaurant in which the player is employed, and will vividly and elegantly recreate each dish’s cooking process. In addition, players may grow their own restaurant company and become well-known for their high-end food.

Cooking Craze Free Download


Cooking Craze will keep gamers entertained by presenting them with fresh tasks at certain periods. They have a higher level of difficulty and complexity, and they even bring new culinary mechanics that they have never seen before, all while serving each client at lightning speed. Their rewards, on the other hand, are big and plentiful, providing players additional opportunities to expand their businesses.

Cooking Craze makes advantage of the highest visual quality to produce vibrant and appealing meals, and it also exposes players to new cuisine cultures from across the globe. Above all, its mechanics and content are engaging and remarkable, allowing players to fully realize their potential.

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