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Cyber Hunter Light is a simulation game centered on discovering new countries; in addition, it allows players to design strategies, fire weapons, face risks, and so on, providing a unique perspective on the lite edition.
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October 2, 2021
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Cyber Hunter Lite is a simulation game centered on discovering new countries; in addition, it allows players to design strategies, fire weapons, face risks, and so on, providing a unique perspective on the lite edition.

With the debut of Cyber Hunter Lite, anyone looking for another Battle Royale game to differentiate themselves from the hundreds of other games on the market that are only imitations of the popular PUBG may finally rest easy.

You’ll be immersed in traditional Battle Royale action, but with a lot more exciting and original twist. For the first time, parkour components may be added to your Battle Royale activities, allowing you to pull fantastic acrobatics to knock down your opponents.

With our reviews, let’s have a look at all of the fantastic features that the game has to offer.


It’s an open-world Battle Royale game in which players may do more than simply survive and shoot. You may explore the epic climbable environment here, where you can effortlessly interact with any thing. Find yourself executing fantastic acrobatics like as scaling large skyscrapers with your hands and plotting some spectacular assassinations.

Cyber Hunter Lite Mod
Cyber Hunter Lite Mod

Furthermore, you’ll find the cars to be incredibly engaging, and they won’t just be for speeding or getting you where you need to go. Pick up the glider and fly to incredible locations while waiting for your foes to wander into your trap. Collect incredible weapons with unique and beneficial abilities.


Everything you need to know about this incredible Battle Royale game is right here:

Feel free to use the great modifications to design your own characters.

For the first time, Android players will be able to build their own characters that are fully distinct from one another. However, you may entirely change the appearance of your characters using the Customization feature.

Choose from a variety of predefined looks and use your creativity to create a variety of characters with distinct face characteristics. Make changes to their noses, eyes, brows, lips, and other face features as desired. Choose different haircuts, skin tones, body shapes, and so on. There has never been a mobile game with such a high degree of engagement.

Put on distinctive clothes for your characters to distinguish them different from other players. Your inventiveness is the only limit in Cyber Hunter Lite. In Cyber Hunter Lite, you may create stunning characters to join you on your Battle Royale adventure.

Both of our primary characters, Zero and Max, have a high degree of customisation, so you may modify their appearances regardless of which one you select.

Cyber Hunter Lite Apk

Badass weaponry with one-of-a-kind abilities

Furthermore, the game has a large number of spectacular weaponry that you may use during the game. Spend some time traveling the maps, looking for kickass gear that may help you get a significant edge.

You may combat the opponents in a variety of ways by using various weapons. Use your strong assault weapons to take them out head-on. From afar, unleash strong blasts that do area damage. Take on the role of a stealthy and lethal sniper to eliminate your foes while remaining undetected. Alternatively, zap them at close range with outrageous electric currents.

The sorts of weapons you receive in the game will have a big impact on your fighting styles and tactics.

Investigate the game’s unique “parkour” style of play.

For the first time, Battle Royale aficionados will be able to experience Cyber Hunter Lite’s unique gameplay, which has never been seen before. The game, on the other hand, exposes players to each character’s climbing skill.

You can use this adaptable talent to climb to the top of anything as long as it has a surface to climb on. This enables you to build up spectacular ambushes and traps for your opponents. Hide at incredible heights and assassinate your foes while they’re not looking.

Furthermore, you may fly to different locations quickly with your glider without needing to utilize other vehicles.

Cyber Hunter Lite Mod Apk
Cyber Hunter Lite Mod Apk

Online gamers may play for free and in a fair manner.

Each player in Cyber Hunter Lite will have access to 18 distinct survival abilities, which will be unrestricted regardless of whether they are paid or not. Furthermore, the game does not include any special purchases that may provide you with in-game benefits. The only thing you can do is purchase clothes and modifications for your characters in order to improve their appearance or unlock special effects while completing abilities.

The game’s skills include the fundamentals such as shooting, concealing, climbing, gliding, healing, and so on. But you’ll also have access to some rather unusual abilities, such as erecting barriers, detecting enemy signals, and defending yourself with the Safety Ring, among others. These require you to explore the map and seek for the plentiful riches.

Vehicles that aren’t seen in any other game

Aside from the glider, Cyber Hunter Lite has a number of various vehicles that you may utilize to move through land, water, and even the vertical platform. You’ll find yourself riding in a variety of vehicles, each having a different capacity for you and your partner, and traveling on a variety of surfaces, such as underwater, on buildings, and so on.

Feel free to play the game by yourself or with your friends.

Cyber Hunter Lite, like other Battle Royale games, allows players to go on a solo survival mission or join forces with other players in team engagements. Create magnificent barriers to defend yourself and your teammates using a variety of incredible strategy choices. Alternatively, you might be a lone wolf who hunts down foes one by one. In any case, you’ll have a great time.

Cyber Hunter Lite Free Download
Cyber Hunter Lite Free Download

It’s completely free to play.

The game has fantastic gameplay that you may try for free. Having said that, you may play the game on your mobile devices without paying anything. They also provide incredible incentives to gamers on a daily basis. However, you will need to pay money if you want to acquire the unique packages. Nonetheless, it’s the ideal free-and-fair game you’ve been yearning for.

Quality of sight and sound


The game has breathtaking visuals that you won’t find in most other mobile games, even the most recent ones. As a result, players will be able to play Cyber Hunter Lite on their mobile devices and enjoy console-quality gameplay.

As you face the adversaries, join the epic survival adventure with your lovely characters, immerse yourself in the stunning settings, and enjoy fantastic visual effects.


Cyber Hunter Lite will provide players with pleasant and engaging audio experiences thanks to innovative BGMs performed by prominent artists. The soundtracks will keep you entertained both in and out of the game.

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