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Day R Premium is one of the most difficult survival games to master because to the intricate gameplay, the environment's ferocity, and its random methodology.
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December 1, 2021
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Day R Premium is one of the most difficult survival games to master because to the intricate gameplay, the environment’s ferocity, and its random methodology.

Imagine being forced to endure the hardships of a post-apocalyptic world with nothing to nourish you. Your wife and children are lost and afraid in this destroyed world. Who knows, maybe they were victims of the calamities. With our reviews, you may learn more about this fantastic game.


The game is set in a fictitious future in which the planet has been decimated by nuclear conflicts that have erupted seemingly out of nowhere. Imagine waking up one day to find everything around you has been destroyed. You have no recollections of it, just a few hazy sensations. All you can think about right now is finding your wife and children.

You must travel the wastelands and attempt to endure the hardships of the post-apocalyptic world with nothing left and an unknown future. On the other side, your family is still out there alone, and no one knows whether they made it through the ordeal.

The poisonous radiations and dangerous viruses that have been causing a lot of death are threatening life on Earth as the earth is being ripped apart. Even if the odds of your family surviving are slim, you’re still eager to locate them.

Search for food and supplies in abandoned shelters and structures to keep yourself alive. Locate weapons so that you can defend yourself against monsters and attackers. Overcome deadly illnesses, alleviate hunger, and so forth.

Day R Premium Mod
Day R Premium Mod

Spend your time looking for resources in the buildings and facilities, then utilize your skilled crafting abilities to create valuable items. Make a variety of items for oneself, including guns, equipment, and even vehicles. You’ll notice that your high school physics, chemistry, and arithmetic skills will come in helpful at this period.

Prepare to go on a tour over the vast territories of the shattered Soviet Union. Find out what caused the accidents and what happened to your memories.


This is where you’ll discover all of the game’s amazing gameplay:

Hardcore survival experiences with in-depth gameplay are available.

Android players will be able to play this incredible tough survival game for the first time. Introduce yourself to a huge and perilous universe. Spend your time collecting and finding all of the necessities for your survival and equipping.

You find yourself surrounded by a variety of difficulties. From the freezing cold and starvation of post-apocalyptic Russia to the ever-present menace of infected undead. Not to mention the dangerous radiations that are still there and may harm your health. This game isn’t for the faint of heart, since you’ll hardly have time to relax.

Take pleasure in the realistic and interactive settings.

The authors at tltGames have converted this game from a basic survival game to a highly intriguing survival game by including enormous settings and numerous interactive components. However, gamers may be exposed to a variety of elements such as shifting seasons, large areas with hidden mysteries, in-depth settings, and more.

Day R Premium Mod apk
Day R Premium Mod apk

With over 2700 distinct towns and cities to explore, you’ll be able to learn about the huge Russian Empire from a variety of perspectives. Also, be aware of the creatures surrounding you, since even a little mouse might do you harm in such a dangerous environment.

With the crafting features, there are unlimited possibilities.

When you’re stuck in such a crazy environment, it’s only natural that you know a little something about making. As a result, in Day R Premium, players will have the opportunity to apply their creativity to create amazing things.

Players may make amazing items using a variety of resources that they can acquire in a variety of locations to aid them in this war-torn globe. Day R Premium, on the other hand, allows you to explore the unlimited possibilities and make a variety of crafts. Collect hundreds of fantastic crafting recipes, level up your talents to get access to new crafting possibilities, and so on.

Set off on an adventurous voyage into the vastness of space.

Players will go through many different regions in the enormous Russian in order to enter the dark realm. Meet a lot of new people and become engaged in their tales, go on a lot of fascinating adventures, and support your friends. Who knows, if you were able to become friends with them, you could need their assistance in the future. Follow the intriguing tales as you piece together the puzzle of mysteries using your jumbled recollections.

Develop your character and his abilities.

Furthermore, the game needs players to be incredibly skilled, not just in terms of information, but also in terms of how they use it. So, if you want to go farther in this game, you’ll need to improve your talents via practice. In addition, you’ll need to gain all of the necessary abilities to live in the wild.

Day R Premium Free Download
Day R Premium Free Download

Learn to be a mechanic so you can build amazing structures or even a car to take you to various areas rapidly. Learn to build formidable weapons and equipment as a blacksmith to aid you in your survival adventure. Finally, you may put your physics and chemistry talents to work that you’ve acquired during your high school career.

Take advantage of the fun internet games.

Gamers are also exposed to the fascinating and addicting online gaming, which adds to the game’s excitement. Having said that, you may play in a fun cooperative mode with your buddies. Battle the hazardous zombies and creatures that are attacking you as a group.

Day R Premium also includes online chat, which allows players to easily converse with one another during battles. Furthermore, you may trade your stuff so that you and your partner can make the most out of what you have. In Day R Premium, you may play a big multiplayer survival game.

Day R Premium Apk
Day R Premium Apk

You may even compete against other online players in thrilling survival bouts if you like. Compete against the top survival experts on the planet.

With our modifications, you may play for free and unlocked content.

And for those who want total control over the game, our Day R Premium MOD APK will undoubtedly meet your needs. You may get the game for free by downloading and installing it on your devices. Furthermore, with our modifications, you may enjoy free and unlocked gameplay. You can buy everything you want without having to pay anything. Spend more time appreciating the tales by speeding up your in-game procedure.

Day R Premium Download
Day R Premium Download

Quality of sight and sound


Thanks to the well-designed landscapes and characters, gamers in Day R Premium will be immersed in a dark, scorching, and addictive world right from the start. Furthermore, the high-resolution photographs improve your whole experience.

Furthermore, owing to the enhanced visuals, the game runs pretty smoothly. While a result, you won’t be bothered with delays or stutters as you explore the vast open globe. However, owing to the large number of online players, if you’re using a low-end device, the game may slow when you go online.


Players in Day R Premium will be completely immersed in the forgotten world of post-apocalyptic Russia thanks to the game’s dramatic and compelling soundtracks. Put on your headphones and experience the open-world map’s richness and breadth. Pay attention to all of the little details of what’s going on around you.

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What's new

  • Unlimited Money
  • 100 level
  • Many items in the inventory, including items from events

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