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Diamond Quest fans will be even more thrilled now that the game has been released on the Android platform with improved visuals and playability. Feel free to immerse yourself in the thrilling in-game adventures and hundreds of intriguing treasure quests.
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November 14, 2021
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Diamond Quest fans will be even more thrilled now that the game has been released on the Android platform with improved visuals and playability. Feel free to immerse yourself in the thrilling in-game adventures and hundreds of intriguing treasure quests.

For those who are interested, Diamond Quest Don’t Rush now allows you to participate as the courageous and skillful treasure hunter in his refreshing and thrilling adventures. Take part in a range of various in-game levels, each with hundreds of tasks and puzzles to solve. Calculate your every step to escape the challenging stages with distinct settings and gameplay.

With our comprehensive evaluations, learn all there is to know about Bounce Global’s fantastic mobile game.


Diamond Quest Don’t Rush, for those of you who don’t know, was one of the most addicting and pleasant mobile games back when smartphones weren’t even a thing. Diamond Quest’s dynamic gameplay has captivated many mobile players in hundreds of tense, exciting, exhilarating, and thrilling hours of playtime back when you just had your little screen with physical buttons.

And now that the game has been updated and re-released on the Android platform, mobile players will be able to experience their favorite action, adventure, and puzzle-solving games at their leisure. Android players will also love the fantastic mobile title even more thanks to the easy touchscreen controls and upgraded graphic components.

Android players will love the thrilling adventures and objectives in the game as they search for the most valuable gems from the world’s most holy and pristine beauties. Have fun on your epic journeys inside the Angkor Wat temple, which has been engulfed by the jungle. Inside the Bavaria castle, explore the spooky and exciting dungeon levels. Alternatively, explore the frozen Tibet caverns for hidden riches.

Diamond Quest Free Download

Join our intrepid treasure hunter on his epic expeditions in search of gems, jewels, and other priceless treasures. Take on the most difficult tasks in the enormous jungles, complete with frightening creatures. Explore the dimly lit tunnels while avoiding the dangerous traps. The list could go on and on. If you don’t hurry and consider things out, you may be able to overcome the obstacles.


The following are all of the game’s fascinating features:

It’s a simple yet very addicting smartphone game.

To begin with, Android players will like Diamond Quest Don’t Rush’s basic and intuitive puzzle-solving and adventure gameplay. This enables you to go right into the fun mobile gaming. Improved touch controls will also make motions and interactions much more fluid and pleasant. As a result, Diamond Quest Don’t Rush’s fantastic mobile gameplay is even more enjoyable. And that’s not all the game has to offer; with better in-game interactions, you’ll find yourself enjoying this highly addictive mobile puzzle-solving experience even more as time goes on.

There are several traps and hurdles to overcome.

Android players will find themselves challenged by a variety of terrible traps and hurdles along their routes in Diamond Quest Don’t Rush. Take on the challenging puzzle-solving and adventure games, where you’ll have to deal with snakes, turtles, monkeys, explosives, boulders, and a variety of other tough traps. You’ll be plunging through the unending ocean, chopping your way through the dense forest, and more in the severe circumstances. All of these will make Diamond Quest Don’t Rush a lot more enjoyable and thrilling to play.

Diamond Quest apk

To save time, respawn the checkpoint.

Diamond Quest Don’t Rush now has simple checkpoints enabling you to simply save your current progress, allowing you to avoid the frustrating situations of having to restart full levels. As a result, you’ll be respawned on your current checkpoint the next time your character is killed by a falling boulder, an attacking snake, or the searing flames, allowing for a far more comfortable in-game experience. Never waste time and effort getting to the current stage of a level by going through all of the previous levels.

Hundreds of challenging levels to complete

For those who are interested, Diamond Quest Don’t Rush now has hundreds of levels to play through, each with its own unique set of missions and difficulties to overcome. Take on the brain-twisting levels and have fun with the exciting levels in this fantastic mobile game of puzzle-solving and adventure. Furthermore, to make Diamond Quest Don’t Rush’s general gameplay more entertaining and thrilling, the game has growing challenges for each in-game level. As a result, the game will never be too simple or too complex for you.

As you continue, you’ll have to face several deadly bosses.

You’ll also find yourself battling against the terrible opponent bosses and having fun with great in-game experiences with each of them, making the thrilling stages in Diamond Quest Don’t Rush even more interesting and fascinating. Furthermore, the insanely challenging bosses will make the gameplay a lot more exciting and interesting. To evade adversaries’ attacks and draw out your own, be cautious and consider your every move.

Gather magical tools and put them to good use.

Android players in Diamond Quest Don’t Rush are able to utilize their intriguing tools as they dig into the thrilling stages and in-game challenges, making the whole experience a lot more entertaining and engaging. Break through barriers with your Mystic Hammer, hook through anything and draw them towards you with your Hook Hammer, or use your Freeze Hammer to freeze the whole building. After you’ve completed your main arcs, you may gather all of them.

Diamond Quest Download

There are several hidden goodies for you to discover.

Android players in Diamond Quest Don’t Rush now have access to a variety of intriguing awards and bonuses that they may collect in the game, making the game even more exciting. These are frequently hidden or inaccessible artifacts that must be obtained before the Mystic tools may be obtained. So feel free to return to any of your past levels and have a new experience with the game.

Enjoy the game whether or not you have access to the Internet.

Also, for those of you who are interested, Diamond Quest Don’t Rush is now available to play totally offline on your mobile devices. The game provides fast and easy gaming for all Android users without requiring them to utilize their mobile data.

It’s completely free to play.

Despite all of the amazing features, Android players may now enjoy Diamond Quest Don’t Rush’s free gameplay from the Google Play Store. You don’t have to spend anything to download and install the game.

Have pleasure with our website’s unlocked games.

However, in the free game, you’ll discover that your character’s advancement is restricted by the number of energy he or she may accumulate. As you perform your techniques throughout the stages, these energy will steadily deplete, making the overall game less joyful. As a result, you may wish to try the customized version of the game available on our website, which includes unlimited in-game purchases and ad-free gameplay.

You may now get infinite energy and access all accessible material. Simply download the Diamond Quest Don’t Rush Mod APK from our website, follow the instructions, and the game will be ready to play in no time.

Diamond Quest Mod

Quality of sight and sound


Fans of the original Diamond Quest Don’t Rush will like the upgraded and exciting visual sensations provided by the new Android adaption of the game. The entire treasure seeking and problem solving experience will undoubtedly be a lot more exciting and pleasant with attractive visual features and flawless animations.

If you prefer the cheerful and cartoony visual styles seen in games like Bomber Friends and Homescapes, this new title from Bounce Global will provide you with a pleasant and entertaining gaming experience. The game’s stunning and immersive visuals are especially pleasant here.

Music and sound

In addition to the amazing in-game visuals, Android players in Diamond Quest Don’t Rush will enjoy the strong and entertaining sound effects included throughout the game. Furthermore, the fascinating mobile levels will keep you captivated for hours on end because to the unique soundtracks.

Finally, some ideas

Diamond Quest Don’t Rush is a great game for folks who appreciate traditional side-scrolling action and puzzles. You’ll have even more reasons to love it now that a free and unlocked version of the game is available on our website.

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