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Dice Hunter is a dice game with a turn-based system that will put your luck to the test.
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October 27, 2021
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Dice Hunter is a dice game with a turn-based system that will put your luck to the test. Dice Hunter not only relies on chance, but it also requires players to have enough abilities to deal with any risks.

A tactical turn-based role-playing game

This game features a rich and expansive gameplay, with many various components that will allow players to feel all of the game’s core. Furthermore, the gameplay is quite complex, resembling a board game with tactical tactics and turn-based gaming. Players depend on not just chance, but also the strength of the army they lead. Furthermore, the gameplay will provide players with several possibilities to earn extra bonus points and expand their monster squad.

Dice Hunter Mod
Dice Hunter Mod

In this game, the player takes on the role of a Dicemancer, capable of transforming enemies into magical dice and utilizing them as part of his body on the battlefield. A dice may have up to six faces, which indicates that each of the dice’s six powers can be used by the player. Players may employ six distinct kinds of dice on the battlefield, giving them a total of 36 abilities. Players can only activate six talents at a time, but in a turn-based strategy game, that’s too much for them to handle.

If the dice reveal an offensive skill, the player may pick any opponent target to activate. However, if the player has defensive talents, they will activate and protect the player on one or more later turns. After being transformed into dice, monsters may employ unique abilities to assist their master. Because their abilities are so varied, gamers will find a variety of ways to put them to good use. Even players may combine talents from a variety of dice to generate an effect that has a significant impact on the adversary.

Dice Hunter Mod Apk
Dice Hunter Mod Apk

The player will go on a new journey in the realm of “Dice Hunter” and battle a variety of enemies. Players may capture creatures along the journey and use them as part of the dice. Monsters that have been transformed into dice may be developed dependent on the player’s progress. The player’s monster will gain a percentage of the player’s experience after a winning fight, and after the player has accumulated enough experience, the player may level up for them. Their form and strength will grow as they level up, providing additional help to the player.



Players will be able to participate in a variety of exciting events as long as they play this game. Players are always rewarded in a variety of ways throughout these events. Players will be rewarded depending on their progress as long as they demonstrate exceptional skills throughout the tournament.

Dice Hunter Free Download
Dice Hunter Free Download


Dungeons is an excellent area to hone your talents and increase your Dice’s power. In addition, uncommon creatures may arise in dungeons, which may be captured if the player overcomes them. Dungeons also deliver a lot of experience points and money, which will help players become stronger in the future.

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