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Duskwood is a role-playing and mystery-solving detective game with a lot of terror and suspense.
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October 28, 2021
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Duskwood is a role-playing and mystery-solving detective game with a lot of terror and suspense.

According to studies, the number of criminal films, series, and documentaries is on the rise, and the majority of their viewers are teens and young people. However, some individuals believe they aren’t real enough. Teenagers and young adults begin to look for games that would fit their interests, such as “7Days Mystery Puzzle Interactive Novel Story.” Fortunately, in 2019, Everbyte Studio published “Duskwood: Crime & Investigation Detective Story,” one of the most engaging detective games to date.

“Duskwood” is an interactive thriller game in which players must pick their own path through the story. Players may get the most out of this game by listening to the language of the characters, looking for clues to rescue the victim while uncovering hidden elements, and completing riddles. Keep in mind that making the best decision will bring you down multiple pathways. For further information, Everbyte Studio distributes new tale chapters on a regular basis to keep gamers engaged and allow them to continue their trip.


The setting for this horror mystery is the city of Duskwood, where rumors abound about a strange forest that no one knows about. People seldom go lost in the forest, but when they do, the experience is described as horrific, and no one knows what happened to the missing.

Many things have transpired in the 72 hours after Hannah Donford vanished without a trace, and the villagers are more frightened than ever. Hannah’s final act before she vanished, for unknown reasons, was to pass your phone number to her lover, Thomas. He has a list and adds you to a group that includes her sister and some of her friends. You’ve been assigned with looking into a strange abduction case. Each individual has a backstory, and it’s up to you to figure out who is the true criminal.

Duskwood mod

The game is played in the format of WhatsApp, with your primary goal being to go from place to place, gather evidence, and discover the truth. There is no backstory; instead, players must piece together all of the information provided by each interacting character. Keep in mind that every piece of information is critical in saving Hannah and avoiding being the next victim.


Gameplay that is both fascinating and real.

You are suddenly entrusted with uncovering the truth behind Hannah Donford’s disappearance. Players will have to converse and gather information from prospective suspects online using their phones. Each individual you meet has their own biography and a unique existence; each piece of information corresponds to what the characters publish on social media and their interests.

Players will be able to see what others are doing on social media, hack into cloud storage, browse through old images, and even listen in on and read conversations in private.

An anonymous hacker contacts you out of nowhere, claiming that no one is who they seem to be. You can also access Hannah’s cloud thanks to the hacker, which might provide some key information and what part Hannah’s pals had in her abduction. Make sure you don’t get caught!

Duskwood apk

Consider your options carefully and make informed conclusions.

Different decisions lead to different consequences. Positive or negative reactions are possible. Along with multimedia assets to browse through and places to visit, players are supposed to build their own experience. The game begins slowly and will hold your attention for quite some time.

Every action is carried out as though you were using the phone of your character. It’s as if you’re messaging with these individuals in private or group conversations. Players are given options about what they can follow, who they can trust, and how they can decipher things for themselves. Players may also look up other characters’ accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites. They may also establish new acquaintances, but they must be cautious about who they can trust.

You’ll be able to send one of the pre-written texts, initiate video calls, or even transmit voice messages after a set amount of hints. Choose what seems correct to you using your dexterity and intellect.

Duskwood mod apk
Duskwood mod apk

It’s a game inside a game.

There is no fighting, shooting, or conflict in “Duskwood.” Rather of using actual weapons, we utilize our minds in this game. Match-3 is a supplementary mini-game that players must accomplish in order to proceed with the main plot and earn credits. It is suggested that players complete the most of them at the same time so that they do not have to interrupt their primary objective to complete these smaller tasks.

There may be up to seven episodes available.

There are presently six episodes available, with a seventh in the works. Each portion will expose more and more mysteries, bringing gamers closer to Hannah Donford and the kidnapper.

Shopping at no cost

Some players find that earning credits via mini games is insufficient, thus Duskwood Mod APK has included a free shopping function to allow them to put their money worries aside and concentrate entirely on the game’s plot.

Duskwood free download
Duskwood free download



The game is text-based, and you may choose from a variety of unique messaging themes, ranging from charming pink to deadly black. Because the game resembles WhatsApp or Messenger, the aesthetics are simple and familiar.


Apart than the sound of the crows when you open “Duskwood” and the sound of the words, there isn’t much to say about the music. Even though there isn’t much in the way of a music, the game is still enjoyable enough to hold your attention.


Because it was created by the creator of the renowned “Dead City,” Duskwood is a very addictive criminal tale game. The responses are forced, and the language is amusing yet artificial and unpleasant. The mood is enhanced by a number of genuine elements. If you’re not acquainted with this game, now is the greatest opportunity to immerse yourself in these tales and become the finest detective you’ve ever imagined. Duskwood isn’t flawless, but it will undoubtedly immerse you in a personal mystery.

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