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Farming Simulator 18 enables players to manage and care for their own farm, which is more addicting than shooters or role-playing games.
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September 27, 2021
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Farming Simulator 18 enables players to manage and care for their own farm, which is more addicting than shooters or role-playing games. While there is no dumping paradise or action on the dock, the simulator game delivers the same addictive ingredient as the finest terrorist blockbuster.

Perhaps it is because these things are light, honest, and devoid of color that they make gamers feel incredibly welcome. It becomes a vehicle for us to investigate real-world employment, which each participant must attempt at least once.

One of them is Farming Simulator 18. It is a location for players to grow and care for healthy crops. Farmers in this country do not operate in the manner of underdeveloped nations, but rather in the manner of developed countries equipped with the most modern and beneficial technology.

At first look, it may seem to be uninteresting. However, once you catch up with Farming Simulator 18, you will discover that this is the most addicting mobile game title available today.

Background Information

The Farming Simulator series, which has become ubiquitous, has a peculiar style of releasing its chapters. It switches between its home console and mobile devices each year.

They offer Farming Simulator 15 and 17 on home consoles with all the unique privileges that come with it, while 16 and the brand new 18 are mobile games for smartphones, tablets, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation Vita. We do not know why this option was made, but the fundamental issue is that mobile versions are usually much inferior than desktop counterparts.

Farming Simulator 18 Mod
Farming Simulator 18 mod

Whereas Farming Simulator 17 provided a comprehensive and interesting experience, the new chapter is very simplistic and represents a significant step backward in every way. Let us do a joint analysis of the problem.


To begin, you must complete the critical mission in Farming Simulator 18. It is to care for crops and livestock, therefore generating revenue for your farm. It will decompose each of these objectives into unique tasks such as planting, harvesting, and selling. They include the complete process of delivering agricultural goods to clients in the most realistic manner possible.

Your objective in Farming Simulator 18 is to transform a tiny family farm into a colossus of maize and bacon (or any other product offered by the game). It begins with a little plantation and a sufficient manpower provided by two agricultural equipment.

For example, there is a tractor to which trailers and equipment for plowing and sowing may be attached, as well as a modest but willing threshing machine to collect the produce. The game provides sufficient experience for doing your tasks as decent farmers, but not quite enough to strive to the heights of techno-agriculture.

As a result, our company strategy takes shape: seed, harvest, sell, earn, and invest. By taking charge of the controls, we may begin working in the fields by picking and flying an agricultural vehicle that interests us.

Here, we’ll have to pilot the slowest methods possible while still doing an outstanding job in the smallest amount of time. The game is a touch sparing with its early information, and the tutorial is similarly sparse. Thus, it is preferable to begin with a practice game before launching into a full gallop on the fields. Fortunately, the game’s many difficulty settings cater to people who have never seen the Farming Simulator series before. As a result, a flexible strategy is conceivable.

Farming Simulator 18 apk
Farming Simulator 18 apk

However, growing farms and harvesting crops are just a portion of the activities available in Farming Simulator 18. The region provides several opportunities, such as wood harvesting and various breeding (sheep, cattle, and pigs). Whatever your preference, you’ll need to plan carefully to develop into that particular sector of agriculture (or livestock) by allocating specific land (possibly to be specifically acquired) and purchasing the necessary instruments.

Each task will be accompanied by a variety of technology or vehicles that players must learn to handle. It’s tough to adjust to these cars in a simulation game. Thus, the game requires time and consideration in order to sense the worth contained inside. Above all, these agricultural vehicles are based on real-world prototypes, providing the most authentic experience possible in Farming Simulator 18.

Particular Characteristics

The end of life factor

As one would expect, Farming Simulator 18 is a game that puts us in charge of a farm and all the responsibilities and activities that entails. Growing plants and wheat, as well as caring for animals such as chickens and cows, is all part of it, as does earning money via assignments and fruit sales.

However, in the previous version, the city was teeming with fellow factors willing to assist us in times of need, showing us how modern equipment works and allowing us to test their buy. In Farming Simulator 18, there is just one assistant who will randomly emerge and provide assistance or suggest tasks or objectives.

It’s more aggravating than anything else, since he has the dirty habit of only appearing during thrilling times. The series was defined by the “tranquility” of being a farmer and maintaining a farm.

The activity that Farming Simulator enthusiasts most enjoyed was going around after work and waiting for the harvest. Additionally, you may visit their chickens and cows and take time to balance out the more mechanical aspects of the experience. Farming Simulator 18, maybe due to its mobile nature, eliminates all of these features, including enabling the user to wander about the farm in first person. It accelerates all duties beyond imagination by enabling these portable gaming elements.

Farming Simulator 18 Download
Farming Simulator 18 Download

The first-person exploration has been eliminated entirely, and our character will be permanently tied to modes of transit such as tractors and other vehicles. Farming Simulator 18 becomes a game centered entirely on farm labor, as opposed to the previous chapters’ emphasis on farm living. While this makes everything more appropriate for quick sessions, it distorts the series’s narrative.

Increased gameplay, less content

From 3DS to PlayStation Vita, the visual section is same. Although everything is cleaner and has somewhat higher-quality textures and models on the Sony laptop.

It’s quick and simple to pick up on how to handle the keys on the consoles. You’ll quickly adjust to the unfamiliar sort of gameplay in comparison to the Farming Simulator 17 sessions when we utilized the keyboard on the PC.

Despite this, the contents of this new chapter are inferior, and not only because of the previously noted cutbacks. However, despite the fact that just one area is accessible (in comparison to the previous two), there is no customization of the farm and no NPC objectives.

Farming Simulator 18 is a series installment that is much inferior than its predecessors. It disassociates this chapter from several aspects of farm life by making everything quicker and more instantaneous, as portable consoles and cellphones are designed to do.

It might be a nice starting place for newbies. However, for series lovers, it has taken massive strides backward, disappointing all expectations.

Fascinating gameplay

The selection and usage of the game’s approximately fifty various agricultural machinery is not straightforward. The word “Simulator” in the title denotes a simulation level that should not be ignored, as it demands you to understand the difference between a mower and a tender in order to manage your fields and company more effectively.

Fortunately, we will not be required to do everything. With a simple tap of the touch screen, we’ll be able to employ time assistants to do certain tasks, easing our workload. At first, using assistance will be virtually entirely optional (expensive, by the way). They will become an almost vital resource in our lavish money-generating machine as the farm expands.

Farming Simulator 18 Free Download
Farming Simulator 18 Free Download

With this simulation’s nature and the need to manage finances meticulously, we are confronted with the issue of Farming Simulator 18’s lack of a really entertaining aspect, especially while driving automobiles. As a result, it may be time-consuming and tiresome. The game rewards players with fantastic farm results and the ability to grow, giving the sense of having handled everything perfectly, while the modest short-term gratification vanishes.

On Nintendo 3DS, you can experience the whole agricultural expo. The trade-offs are obvious, with smaller playing grounds, a lack of alternatives (such as first-person perspective), and a restricted visual depiction. However, the core of Farming Simulator is still present. It is presented nicely, and also contains a large amount of information about the benefits afforded by the physical control system in contrast to what we propose in the editions for smartphones (with which it is more convenient – and possibly rational – to compare).


We loved the great translation of the lyrics into a foreign tongue and the rural music, which matches the agricultural USA’s vibe wonderfully. This version’s production values are amazing.

The technological implementation of 3DS is not an impediment to buying. This might be due to the unique nature of Farming Simulator 18. The game is a bit rigid and uninviting, and it must be tackled with an awareness of the unique experience it gives.

If you want to put your entrepreneurial talents to the test before you become a peasant, this second job in digital areas may be for you. Even so, it may be recommended to go immediately to one of the most sophisticated versions of this video game at that time.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the game, we tend the fields and wait patiently for our produce to mature before harvesting and reselling it. Unfortunately, this is a lengthy and difficult procedure due to the game’s inability to be sped up.

At first, with just one field accessible, you will simply have to stand by and silently observe the hours. Things improve as you get access to new regions and vary your activities as you go through the game. Until then, anticipate a dull and even monotonous pace, a step that may become unmatched for those seeking a speedy path to the game’s core.

The first few hours depict an ominous grinding. Things are progressively improving, owing to the addition of assistants for collecting and refilling, as well as the appearance of the autopilot, which will cost the player money. It will ensure managerial oversight of its assets and a prudent decision to mitigate the weight of certain cyclical measures that must be conducted.

Farming Simulator 18 Mod Apk
Farming Simulator 18 Mod Apk

However, the option of purchasing buildings other than the standard silos and fields is not available, thus limiting income opportunities and lowering the diversity of things to do in the long run.

You can add new properties, assign tasks, and administer your company with a single swipe on the bottom screen, which is the sole intelligent addition to this alternate edition. It enables you to continue playing without having to go through countless buy options.

Farming Simulator 18’s portable edition is not the series’ main title. Even if the title’s substance is apparent and solid, the trims are critical. As a result, advising the game is not an easy process.

To really appreciate the production, you must be a genre enthusiast. However, if you know it by heart, you may notice substantial flaws and a flattening of the gameplay, maybe due to excessive stress. A technical constraint exists due to the consoles’ limited power, but it has no bearing on the final assessment.

Final Remarks

Farming Simulator 18 MOD APK is the accurate translation of the game that was released on Nintendo 3DS and smartphones in recent years. It is not a game for everyone due to its peculiar simulation nature and requires extreme care when approached.

The phenomena that resulted in the Farming Simulator series’ popularity is almost incomprehensible. Assuming the role of a farmer struggling to make ends meet on his farm did not seem to be a very successful starting point. Nonetheless, the market determined that such an unusual notion was unavoidably rewarded.

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