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Hard Time is a realistic simulation game with sophisticated gameplay in which the player's goal is to stay alive in jail.
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October 30, 2021
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Hard Time is a realistic simulation game with sophisticated gameplay in which the player’s goal is to stay alive in jail.

In Hard Time (Prison Sim), you will experience the most addicting and immersive prison simulation gameplay as you direct your characters through a number of exciting activities both inside and outside of the gigantic jails. In this jail simulation, explore diverse places, engage with intriguing personalities, pick up a range of different things, gather interesting goods, and do anything you like.

Create your own jails with a variety of convicts, interactive accessories, and a variety of regions to explore. Discover jail life by assisting your characters in remaining healthy and well, both emotionally and physically, in this tumultuous environment.

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Players will have the opportunity to live the life of a prisoner in Hard Time’s chaotic and entertaining jails. You may find yourself guilty of a variety of crimes and imprisoned for a period of time.

During this period, your major aim is to have a positive attitude by keeping all of your vital numbers reasonably secure. These include your strength, agility, IQ, and reputation, all of which are vital statistics that may have a huge impact on your jail existence.

Hard Time Mod APk
Hard Time Mod APk

Keep your spirits up if you don’t want to lose control and make your characters temporarily uncontrollable, which might lead to significant issues. You can sleep to improve your physical and mental health. You won’t be able to sleep all day, so you’ll have to come up with different methods to go about.

Feel free to do anything you want in jail, from assaulting officials to plotting grand escapes with your fellow criminals. The gorgeous area with loads of intriguing things to do lies beyond the metal cells and spiked walls.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features:

Controls that are simple and intuitive

To begin with, despite being a transferred version of the popular PC game, Hard Time offers a gratifying gaming experience owing to its straightforward and intuitive controls. These would make things a lot easier for Android gamers since they’d be exposed to intuitive buttons with their own set of controls.

As a result, you’ll have access to all of the fundamental as well as sophisticated controls. To make the game even more fun, learn to utilize comfortable controls and make advantage of the touch screen.

In the game, you may create and personalize your own characters.

Players will have the opportunity to build their own Hard Time characters with a variety of customization choices at the start of the game. Feel free to customize your in-game character in any manner you choose, from little details like height, name, and gender to more complicated options like height, posture, and even the way you walk.

Hard Time Mod
Hard Time Mod

Your characters will also have a number of various stats, such as Reputation, Strength, Intelligence, and Agility. These numbers will have a direct impact on how well your character performs in a variety of situations. However, if you want to win battles, you need improve your strength and agility. On the other side, having strong Intelligence and Reputation will let you go past obstacles without getting into trouble.

Because you only have a certain number of points at the start of the game, you may personalize your characters anyway you like. While you’re playing, you may improve your numbers by engaging in other activities such as reading or training.

There are a lot of different worlds to discover.

Gamers may also engage in various in-game settings from a number of distinct Universes in Hard Time. As a result, you have the option of joining community-created maps with various characters. Feel free to load up several Universes and explore them at your leisure.

Additionally, the game has the fantastic Generate Universe tool, which enables players to design their own in-game universes. Enjoy Hard Time like no one else in a variety of various situations.

Environments that are fully interactive and include a variety of objects

Hard Time, for those who are interested, provides gamers with highly interactive surroundings in which they may totally immerse themselves. As a result, you’ll find everything around you fascinating since you can grasp it and do anything you want with it.

Pick up the phone and either answer it or toss it to someone else. Play billiards with the pole or use it to strike other people. You can even transport the toilet from other people’s cells to yours to avoid having to rush to the bathroom. The more you play it, the more enjoyable it becomes.

Hard Time APk
Hard Time Free Download

Make money by participating in a range of activities.

In addition, the game includes a range of various activities that you may participate in in order to make money while you’re in jail. Begin by doing simple tasks such as sweeping the floor with a broom or exchanging goods for cash, then progress to running errands with your gang members. The more money you have, the simpler it will be to get out of jail. Not to mention that you may spend your money on a variety of essential and exotic products.

If you’re willing to accept the repercussions, go ahead and do anything you want.

In addition, since Hard Time is a completely interactive environment, players are free to do anything they want. This may involve slamming the officer with a broom and fleeing, engaging in huge brawls with gang members, trashing the furniture, or even planning an escape.

By participating in many trials while in jail, you may either shorten or lengthen your sentence. Simply rely on your reputation, knowledge, and financial resources to get away with it. But don’t make the mistake of letting things out of your hands before you’re ready.

Face up against the fiercest opponents in thrilling battles.

While serving their sentences, players may engage in basic combat with a variety of opponents using the simple and straightforward controls. Feel free to engage in thrilling combats with gang members, jail bullies, and even the guards. Make advantage of your characters’ distinctive offensive techniques, develop your stats, and take them out with styles. As you beat up on some of the hardest convicts, you’ll earn a reputation.

Participate in strange and unusual behaviors in the game.

The toiletries are undoubtedly one of the items you wouldn’t have considered significant before entering the jail. However, in such a chaotic environment, it’s impossible to even go to the restroom since it’s often occupied by the large bullies. Either give them money or beat them up so they may use the restroom. You can also simply grab the toilet and transport it to your cell if you’re strong enough. Never allow yourself to urinate all over the place since it will harm your reputation and mental health. And if you think that’s strange, just wait till you see all the strange things you can do in the game.

Hard Time Download
Hard Time Download

It’s completely free to play.

Despite all of the fantastic features, Android players may still play the game for free on their mobile devices. As a result, you may quickly get it from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

With our mod, you may play with unlocked features.

You may also use our mod to get the unlocked gameplay to get the most out of the game. Simply download our Hard Time Mod instead, and you’ll get all of the VIP improvements for free. This will give you access to extra in-game features while also removing the obnoxious adverts. As a result, the game will become much more exciting and pleasant.

Quality of sight and sound


Even though the game doesn’t have spectacular visuals or great details, the game’s varied art styles keep it fascinating. Furthermore, owing to the low-resolution visuals, you can play the game without being troubled by advertising or stutters, regardless of the technology on your device.

You may also change the graphics quality for a more enjoyable and comfortable in-game experience. If the game is lagging, just lower the “Population” setting, or select the “Speed Up Frame Rate” option for more engaging gaming.


You’ll be completely immersed in the spectacular and thrilling jail simulation action thanks to precise sound effects and enticing tunes. It’s as though you’re genuinely living your own life behind the cells.

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