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Hidden Hotel gives players the opportunity to try their hand at becoming a hotelier and constructing a fantasy hotel from the ruins.
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November 25, 2021
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Hidden Hotel gives players the opportunity to try their hand at becoming a hotelier and constructing a fantasy hotel from the ruins.

Hidden object games have always been one of the most popular and intriguing games of all time. It not only offers addicting gameplay and a compelling tale, but it also has great aesthetics. Have you, on the other hand, tried one to see how well-made it is? Have you ever played Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery or heard of it? It’s been at the top of the charts for many weeks and is regarded as one of the finest found-object puzzle games!

When people think of hidden object games, they usually think of “Homescapes” or “Gardenscapes,” but they’re missing out on Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, an incredibly incredible game. WhaleApp LTD released the game in 2019 and it has received a lot of positive feedback since then. Using your abilities to restore a wrecked hotel, transform it into the most beautiful location in town, and unlock a plethora of amazing features. Are you curious to see what this game has to offer? Let’s get this party started!


In Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, players inherit their grandfather’s ancient hotel, which is in shambles. It’s up to them to repair it up. A brand-new journey awaits you, with secrets, hard quests, and much much more to uncover.

Hidden Hotel Mod

With hard gameplay, the game presents you to a blend of Puzzle and Adventure genres. Hidden Hotel will definitely hold your interest for hours of entertainment. Players may take on the roles of both a home designer who works with beautiful furnishings and a detective who investigates the hotel’s secrets. Tourists and other clients avoid the motel because of its filthy surroundings. Your job is to uncover the truth and restore light to this hotel, allowing it to reopen.

As a detective, players may find themselves in strange places, tasked with finding concealed goods. Players will be given a broad range of stunning décor to play with as a home designer while doing activities such as cleaning, repairing, and decorating. There seems to be a lot of work to be done, but don’t worry, that’s exactly why Hidden Hotel is so addicting!


Playing style is simple and basic.
No one wants to play a game with intricate gameplay since all they want to do is relax and enjoy it to the utmost. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is a basic game with a simple plot and gameplay that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

When players initially start the game, they will be given a step-by-step instruction. This game does not need a tutorial if you have already played Gardenscapes or Homescapes. The game will be played from an isometric perspective, with players controlling the character to assist him in making decisions.

Hidden Hotel offers easy touch controls, and players simply need to touch the screen to gather it while playing. You will never get bored while living in this fascinating and beautiful environment since the assignments and difficulties are varied.

Hidden Hotel Apk

Decorations and characters

Players will meet a variety of charming and well-designed characters while on a journey. They will undoubtedly assist you with all of your problems, supply important information, and engage in amusing conversations. Despite the fact that these characters aren’t actual people, they’re usually entertaining and vibrant to connect with.

This hotel is a huge site in the game with a lot of rooms to repair. In addition, as the game progresses, players will be able to acquire more and more furnishings to adorn the hotel. All of them are vibrant and well-designed.

Look for information like a pro.

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is unlike other puzzle games in that it will transport you to the world of Sherlock Holmes! Each scenario is distinct from the others, and the challenge level rises as you go. Your observation sense will be activated by the game, which will take you to the ultimate goal.

Open the door, draw back the curtains, open the boxes, and so forth to find hidden stuff. The more quickly you locate them, the more money you will earn. If all you want to do is decorate and repair your hotel, the only way to get any stars is to solve riddles. It is not as simple as you think, but don’t quit up too soon; all of the gratifying rewards are just ahead of you.

The things might be difficult to locate at times. A game that is enjoyable does not imply that it is not tough. Small items are usually more difficult to locate since they may be found everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for the rewards, and they will appear.

There are several different chambers to unlock, which means you may play a variety of different settings and levels. Furthermore, locating goods allows you to rebuild or enhance areas of the hotel. Find a method to finish them all, and your hotel will once again entice guests with its attractiveness.

Hidden Hotel Download


Players may utilize the search tools to assist them locate information if they get stranded someplace they don’t anticipate. Boosters are a useful tool that helps you locate stuff quicker and advance faster. A candle, for example, may draw attention to hidden things, a clock can offer you more time, a key can unlock goods on the spot, and a radar can reveal all items for a split second. If you can’t locate an item, remember to use a booster!

Modes of search

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is not like other games, as I indicated before. Word search, silhouette, reverse words, cobweb, and coins are just a few of the search options available to players. Players will be able to enjoy the game even more now that these improvements have been released!

Unlimited Money/Stars/Energy

A fantastic game should have intriguing features! Fortunately, Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mod APK has provided players with a limitless amount of money, stars, and energy to explore. You have complete freedom to spend your money, stars, and energy on anything you wish!

Hidden Hotel Free Download


The game’s designer team did an excellent job developing and giving the game a dynamic and appealing appearance. The framerate is fluid, the colors are well-balanced, and every detail is meticulously rendered.

The game’s music and sound effects have been meticulously created. It’s always a treat for me to listen to Hidden Hotel’s music and effects.


Despite the fact that there are numerous games like Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, it is clear that this one stands out due to its unique features. Because the game is appropriate for people of all ages, you may play it with your friends, family, or even by yourself. Are you ready to go on your adventure? Discover more fantastic material by playing this popular search-and-find game!

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1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Stars
3. Unlimited Brushes
4. Unlimited Energy
5. Unlimited Tickets
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