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Homescapes (MOD, Unlimited Stars) is a pleasant game that allows players to enjoy themselves by designing and refurnish their homes with a variety of trendy and gorgeous alternatives.
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December 1, 2021
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Homescapes (MOD, Unlimited Stars) is a pleasant game that allows players to enjoy themselves by designing and refurnish their homes with a variety of trendy and gorgeous alternatives.

You’re in for another enjoyable and peaceful experience as you accompany Austin the Butler from the renowned Gardenscapes on his current visit to his homeland. You’ll find yourself immersed in fascinating gameplay as you assist Austin in renovating his ancestors’ house. Restore it to its original form and enjoy the intriguing match-three action.

Have access to a plethora of decorations and modifications that you can use to transform your manor back into the pleasant home it once was, and enjoy hundreds of fantastic gaming experiences that will make you feel perfectly at home.

Our reviews will tell you all you need to know about this fantastic title.


The game opens with our favorite Austin having a fantastic dream in which he returns to his youth and embarks on a journey. It is one of the happiest times of his life, one that he will never forget regardless of what happens.

Homescapes Download
Homescapes Download

That being said, players will discover a range of engaging activities inside the game, enabling them to experience more than just a basic casual simulator. Discover entertaining and intriguing tales as you assist Austin in his quest to reclaim childhood memories associated with the home and meet interesting individuals.

You are free to do anything you wish with the property, from adding magnificent decorations to altering the interior layout and uncovering intriguing mysteries that have been dormant for decades. The game’s easy and soothing gameplay will ensure that you love it.


Here are some of the most incredible aspects the game has to offer:

Assist Austin with a variety of duties related to the house’s renovation

To begin, Android fans will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an unlimited gaming experience that will take them on an exhilarating adventure through Austin’s childhood mansion and neighborhood. Contribute to the house’s renovation by completing different objectives and challenges inside the game while also enjoying multiple gaming modes. Explore the home as you unlock new quests and goals. Additionally, once you’re in the game, you’re free to explore the whole neighborhood, which is packed with unique elements.

Homescapes Free Download
Homescapes Free Download

You are welcome to make several modifications to the inside.

And for those interested in constructing their own home, Homescapes will expose you to basic but addicting in-game experiences in which you have complete creative control over the appearance of the house. Utilize the many possible adjustments for your home while gradually uncovering more intriguing components. Utilize a variety of styles and artifacts from other countries as you transform your ancient home into a magnificent estate.

Take pleasure in the game’s straightforward match-three action.

To keep things fresh, you’ll not only be completing straightforward tasks or objectives, but will also have the opportunity to experience varied gameplay via the thrilling match-three challenges. As you dig into the limitless match-three levels, you’ll discover plenty of fun and innovative gameplay. Investigate the simple but addicting levels with growing difficulty. As you link the gems, you’ll experience spectacular and amazing visual effects.

Discover all the hidden mysteries that lie under the surface of this apparently ordinary home.

While the house may seem unassuming from the outside, you never know what mysteries it is presently concealing. Indeed, what seems normal to the untrained sight may appear abnormal to your suspicious and clinical mind. Thus, why don’t you spend your time at the mansion searching for long-forgotten secrets? Reconnect with your childhood memories while enjoying the game’s heartwarming scenes.

Homescapes Mod
Homescapes Mod

Take pleasure in the game’s roster of intriguing characters.

And for the first time, you’ll get the opportunity to meet some of Austin’s friendliest neighbors. With each character possessing their own distinct features and personality, the game offers a great degree of variety, which adds to the game’s intrigue.

You’ll find yourself loving every second of the game as you watch them live their separate lives, engage with one another, and interact with one other’s intriguing tales. You’ll undoubtedly return to the traditional and pleasant gameplay you’ve always enjoyed.

Purchase an adorable pet

Additionally, you may come into contact with unusual creatures that live around the house. Assist stray animals with certain assignments and you may get a new pet. Bring them home and transform your newly renovated mansion into a more cozier space with these adorable creatures. Having your lovely pets accompany you around will add an added dimension of enjoyment to the game.

Take part in the game with your friends and online players.

Additionally, for those interested, the game includes fascinating online gaming that you can enjoy with your friends and other online players from across the globe. Make acquaintances and pay a visit to their manors, each of which is uniquely and intriguingly designed. And every now and again, you may assist one another with particular home responsibilities. Enhance your relationships with others while earning vital stars.

Accomplish a variety of goals and objectives to win unique prizes.

Additionally, the game has several accomplishments and goals that you may fulfill in order to win unique prizes. Choose to engage in the engaging games anytime you get the opportunity and you will never be disappointed by the exceptional benefits you will receive.

Homescapes Mod Apk
Homescapes Mod Apk

Take part in a variety of events to experience new and exciting gameplay.

Finally, players in Homescapes will have the opportunity to participate in thrilling in-game events that expose them to a range of engaging games. You’ll find yourself performing in a variety of different configurations with varying themes depending on the occasion. Additionally, you’ll have access to increasingly fascinating gameplay as a result of specific occurrences.

It is completely free to play

Despite all of these incredible features, Android players may still download and install Homescapes for free on their mobile devices. All you have to do is go to the Google Play Store and download the game. The installation will take place automatically, and you may then authorize the game.

With our mod, you’ll have access to a limitless number of stars.

However, since the game is a freemium title, you will be required to pay for in-app purchases and will be subjected to intrusive advertisements. Having said that, if you’re irritated by these features, you may want to install our customized version of the game on your devices instead.

Having said that, with several intriguing features such as deleted advertisements, limitless stars, and completely unlocked gameplay, you’ll undoubtedly find it more engaging. Furthermore, you just need to download and install our Homescapes Mod APK.

Homescapes Apk Download
Homescapes Apk Download

Excellent visual and aural qualities


Homescapes is one of those rare games that will make you go “aww” the first time you see it. As you lead Austins on his missions, immerse yourself totally in the breathtaking realms of Homescapes. Additionally, after you’ve mastered the match-three action, the responsive visual effects will make it highly engaging.


Dive into the lovely realms of Homescapes and enjoy the realistic and lovely sound effects. When you close your eyes, it’s as if you’re living in the magnificent world of Homescapes.

Finally, some reflections

FarmVille 2: Country Escape and Township fans will now have another fantastic mobile app to play on their smartphones. With its rich and interesting gameplay, Homescapes will ensure that you have a good time. And, maybe most significantly, you’ll discover it’s much more enjoyable with our updated version of the game.

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