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Mini Football (Dumb Enemy/Endless Sprint) is a football simulation game with revolutionary visuals and gameplay.
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November 25, 2021
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Mini Football (Dumb Enemy/Endless Sprint) is a football simulation game with revolutionary visuals and gameplay.

Mini Football APK

If you have an insatiable desire to play football but lack the time or chance to do so, the game that I introduce in the article below will be ideal for you. That would be Mini Football, a revolutionary new soccer simulation game. With the game’s top-notch gadgets, provide gamers with fascinating experiences. You’ll experience the authentic sensation of playing this game alongside the stadium’s roaring audience, scoring incredible goals and assembling a formidable soccer army. In this brand-new soccer game, all you have to do is put on your shoes and head on the pitch. This is a brand-new football game that is really simple to learn, which increases its appeal to gamers worldwide.


Mini Football is a brand-new soccer simulation game with a slew of exciting features. The player will go through many stages. As you go through your football career, you will encounter five distinct and larger venues. Whether on a domestic or international level, the player will experience a distinct sense of place at each level. New and amazing stadium styles will be added on a regular basis, so compete in a variety of stadium kinds.

Ascend the leaderboards and earn incredible rewards by remaining at the top of each contest. Each week, participants will compete in tournaments ranging from the Brass League to the All-Stars League. Therefore, ensure that you get that promotion score in order to qualify for larger and greater game rewards.

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Download Mini Football For Free


The intricacy and creativity of Mini Football’s visuals astounded me. Although the aesthetics are not the finest, I adore how everything in the game is designed with a large head, other distinct characteristics, and a little body. Additionally, this is a method to differentiate the game from other standard soccer games.

Along with the stunning visuals, gamers are drawn to the game’s soundtrack. The music and sound effects in each match are exactly what gamers anticipate. With the audience shouting, the players screaming, and the referee whistling, you’ll have the feeling of being at an authentic football match. The game’s distinctive and excellent character is a result of the harmonic blend of images and sound, which inspires players.


The controls for Mini Football are straightforward and intuitive. Players can run by moving the player with the aid of a virtual bar located on the screen’s left side. The three buttons on the right side of the screen are largely used for contextual navigation. This implies that, depending on whether you have the ball, you can sprint, shoot, pass, or win it. When you first begin, the AI is not very intelligent, allowing you to deal with them simply and swiftly, if not completely eliminate them.

When you’re ready to go, you’ll need to use the virtual joystick to accomplish your objective. This accomplishment is made possible by the player’s comparatively sluggish speed. If the passing AI is within striking distance of your target, you must eliminate them with a single slide. However, I must warn you that getting it incorrectly might result in your player receiving a yellow or red card.

Mini Football Mod

Customize Your Team by Creating, Upgrading, and Customizing

If your goalie accomplishes his job properly in Mini Football, you must manage them and select whether to pass to a neighboring player or warm-up toward the middle of the field. Alternatively, you can choose the latter, which is often less dangerous, particularly if you join a more advanced group. Because the ability to pass the ball to a neighboring player’s feet is limited, and another team member can readily seize possession of the ball.

You must pay the admission fee when beginning a new match. This changes according on the type of stadium desired. The match fee is proportional to the wins. This implies that you’ll begin the game with only access to the game’s default stadium. Utilize your prior victories to pay a hefty entrance fee and gain a proportionately larger sum in the game.

Mini-Football (MOD, Dumb Enemy/Never-Ending Sprint)

Mini Football is a simulation game that offers a thrilling experience for gamers. Download the game and work your way to the top of the rankings by winning. There are several upgrading tools available in the game to help players raise their level.

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What's new

  • Speed multiplier [x1 – x5]
  • Dumb enemy

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