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Punch Hero is an action game in which boxing serves as the primary setting for the whole game, providing players with the greatest experience and thrill.
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October 21, 2021
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Punch Hero is an action game in which boxing serves as the primary setting for the whole game, providing players with the greatest experience and thrill.

Except for the brilliant 3D visuals and interesting action, it’s just another variation of Punch-Out. In comparison to its predecessor from 30 years ago, this game hasn’t changed much.

Punch Hero is dubbed a garbage game since it pits you against a soccer player, a warrior, and sometimes the spirit of a slain pirate. It is, however, a powerful aspect that makes the game more enjoyable and appealing.

Let’s discover more about this amusing boxing game by reading our Punch Hero review below.


Let’s work on our strength, hook punches, and uppercuts at the Training Center, while learning new talents and power techniques in the Skill Store. Punch Hero is a very addicting game with fun 3D visuals. For those who have unintentionally touched it, this game might be a difficult struggle.

Punch Hero, like Punch-Out, has no storyline and doesn’t need one. You’ll give your character a name and then go into Arcade Mode. Players will face 18 opponents, with new challenges appearing every time an adversary is defeated.

Punch Hero APK

The competitors aren’t known for their ability to reflect well. They won’t, however, let you down. In arcade mode, you’ll battle a soccer player, a samurai, and maybe the spirit of a slain pirate. Each opponent has a distinct style of play, and players must detect and exploit their opponents’ flaws in order to win.

Your opponents are not adhering to the rules. And if you want to win, you’ll need to know how to do things like “Jabs,” “Hooks,” Uppercuts, Block, and weave. One of the necessary features in this game is quick reactions.


Gameplay is simple.

Punch Hero requires you to defeat 22 fighters. Each of them is a distinct character with distinct strengths and weaknesses. And it’s up to you to figure out their weak spots so you can defeat them. Of course, you must be proficient in boxing techniques.

The outcome of the game is determined by your defensive and attacking abilities. If you win, you’ll get the gold prize. You may also spend this gold to purchase new talents, customs, and training in preparation for the following bout. Of course, if you’re good enough, your level will be boosted, giving you more abilities, customs, and tougher opponents.

You can buy in-app purchases to buy things faster if you wish to speed up the process. However, we do not believe it is required since you may only purchase customs for the following level.

Punch Hero Mod

Developing that is user-friendly

Punch Hero’s user-friendly design is one of our favorites. It is so simple to manage that even children can play with ease. Naturally, we do not suggest this game to children since it contains some violence.

Returning to the Punch Hero, you simply need to swipe left to perform hocks, taps to execute jabs, and upward swipes to execute an uppercut. You must also tap the screens for a few seconds in order to raise the guard.

Furthermore, you may do a variety of moves just by touching and moving your hands on the screen. When you are knocked down, for example, you must swiftly touch the screen to stand back up. This game is ideal for developing fast reflexes and coordinating the eyes and hands.

Punch Hero Download

Take in some genuine boxing action.

If you pay attention, you’ll see that this game accurately simulates boxing tactics. When you evade a punch, we enjoy how developers slow down. And if you want to level up rapidly, it isn’t always easy since you must first learn the abilities.

In addition, this is a game in which you will learn boxing terminology. Except for a few strange opponents, the game’s description, sounds, and actions are all authentic. As a result, it is without a doubt the finest for boxing fans.

Mode of Play

There are two game types in Punch Hero: single-player and two-player. The single-player mode, in particular, does not need the use of Wifi or the internet. You may play it without an internet connection, and the system will keep track of your fight results. In single-player mode, you’ll compete against a different combatant to get the top rating.

Each player has various attributes, however as the game progresses, the boxers get much larger than the player’s index, increasing the challenge. It also challenges the gamer to use some strategy.

You must, however, play online with your companion if you wish to play with them. You may communicate with your teammate in two-player mode. However, we do not believe that this function is useful since your hands will be always occupied by the movements.

Punch Hero Mod Apk

Finally, you have no choice but to play in “arcade” mode. It is not a major issue for new or inexperienced players since the arcade mode is sufficient for them. However, if you are a professional player, you will find that it is not as enjoyable as you had hoped. As a result, we advise you to have low expectations for this Punch Boxing 3D game.


Punch Hero will provide you with hours of nonstop boxing action thanks to its many game modes and features. Why not try Punch Hero if you’re a fan of boxing games with little representations in the gaming industry? Perhaps the game’s sole need is zombies as adversaries.

The affects and intricacies of the character’s face in Punch Hero contribute humor to the game. And it’s a notable distinction in the brutal and aggressive boxing game genre. To play the game, you don’t need a stable setup. This game may be played on a phone with a mid-range setup. Both iOS and Android versions of the game are now available.

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